Writing Samples

Below are examples of the writing I’ve done for the Twitch program “Death From Above: Legacy” on Hyper RPG, set in the Battletech universe and inspired by both the Battletech tabletop combat game and the upcoming computer game from Harebrained Schemes.

This weekly show is a tabletop strategy/improvisational RPG hybrid, with a partially scripted storyline provided to the actors/players which outlines the story beats of the 3 hour episode. Typically, the show transitions to a tabletop combat board, where the players control their characters and their war-machines, battlemechs, on the tabletop game map.

As gamemaster for the game, I also elaborate on and incorporate the suggestion and actions of the player-characters and create and perform the NPC’s within the story. Very often, player input has materially changed the story as written, and required storytelling flexibility on my part to continue.

In addition to narrative design, I am also in charge of scenario creation and map/level design for each episode, including terrain, enemy units, environment, and audience-purchaseable player abilities that would be unique to the episode at hand, and individualized to each character.

The show is currently on hiatus as the Hyper RPG studio in the Seattle area is moving house to a new location, TBD. During this time, I have written a few short pieces and posted to community forums to continue audience engagement with the property and continue to develop characters.

“Beat Sheets” – Episode plot outlines, along with scenario details and associated notes:

12_8 Beat Sheet

12_15 Beat Sheet

12_29 Beat Sheet – Part

Short Fiction – World and character building during production hiatus:

The Mason-Jaxun Line – Hiatus Fiction 1

Percival- Nice Things – Hiatus Fiction 2

Faraday’s Cage – Hiatus Fiction 3