Theatre artist targeting video game prodouction opportunity:

Imaginative play was my first language, and since I’ve been old enough to speak, my creativity has led me to energetically deliver messages through story. My passion for performance and communication led me into acting Shakespeare at a young age, political science studies at university, a masters degree in theatre, recent contract positions in operations & development, and an ongoing 10-year career as a professional actor in the Seattle market. I work in diverse media (theatre, radio, film, television, corporate video, video game development), driving collaborative creativity to deliver message through performance.
My contract positions in the technology sector have exposed me to communication in corporate environments, gaining business experience in operational positions, developing process and delivering concrete results after quickly learning complex program details. I am currently seeking positions that will provide a synthesis between my creativity and skills in operations & production.

I have a passion for the emphasis on compelling, dramatic (and comedic) storytelling in the video game industry.  My keen eye for detail, and strong command of storytelling, physical, and vocal performance add value and realism to digital performances and characters.

Who do I work with?
Video game developers, and media production companies. Most recently, I was part of the cinematics and animation team at Microsoft’s 343 Industries.

What can a highly motivated professional theatre artist bring to a technical field?
A unique blend of skills applicable to performance and video game production, including…
Story and dialogue analysis/editing. Character development work and writing.  Voiceover performance and dialect expertise. Certified stage combat and movement training. Acting for motion capture.

How do these skills add value to a game in development?
Advances in every branch of the entertainment industry have created a more savvy audience, and gameplay is critical, but the central need for stories well endures.

With a trained actor’s eye and instincts, I can help you create believable characters your audience wants to follow, fight for, fight against, and journey alongside to bring your story to life.

I bring a beating heart to digital medium.

Consulting Résumé:

Matt Shimkus- Resume 08.21.2019

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