JourneyQuest Begins! (again!)

It is webseries season in the Seattle area again, and this year, I’m involved with one of the best. JourneyQuest is a fantasy-comedy written by Matt Vancil (The Gamers, Dorkness Rising) and Directed by Matt Vancil and Ben Dobyns. It’s first season began as a privately-funded project, and was impressive not only for it’s success, but also it’s unique distribution model.


The Journey is a Quest.

JourneyQuest is produced and distributed  by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment under a Creative Commons License. Having felt burned by traditional production and distribution channels, the producers of JourneyQuest chose to seek funding by crowd-sourcing. Their Kickstarter campaign raised enough money to fund a feature-length season, while allowing the production team to increase the technical quality of the overall production.

Keep on the look out for the second season of JourneyQuest, with episodes streaming this summer!

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