So, as some of you know, last month I acquired new representation for my work. I have a new agency in Topo Swope Talent, locally based in Seattle.
Switching representation can be a tough and personal thing, but as I was fortunate in my previous talent agency, they wished me well.
An agent does a few things for an actor, and at the same time, leaves a few things completely up to you:
An agent gets you in the room.
An agent makes sure you get the best pay for your time.
An agent makes sure the client pays you.

An agent DOESN’T guarantee you get a fair shake in the audition room.

An agent DOESN’T make you a better actor.

An agent DOESN’T allow you to wait around for opportunities.

For instance: In the last couple weeks, I’ve had several auditions. Some of which were set up and confirmed by my agent, some of which I pursued myself, and some of which came to me from casting directors who knew my work and offered me a chance to show them how I’m the right performer for the role. An agent increases your opportunities to be seen. After that, it’s all on you.

Cue the Rick Ross. As an actor, ‘Every Day you’re Hustlin”.

(Though maybe not in the same way as Mr. Ross, but with a similar spirit of élan and determination.)


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