Greetings, Sky Defenders!

Airship Daedalus CD'sAirship Daedalus is live! It lives! It’s been a while since I last posted, even tangentially, about this project, but I’m really excited to be able to share it with you now.

For those of you who loved the Indiana Jones films (well, except for that last one), The Rocketeer, The High Road to China, or, for the slightly more nerdy: for those of you who seek out and listen to radio adventure serials from ‘Radio’s Golden Age’ (and you know when that was), THIS IS FOR YOU!

I voice the dashing Captain Jack “Stratosphere” McGraw, the leader of an intrepid crew of adventurers aboard the Airship Daedalus II, traveling the globe to prevent the diabolical schemes of Alister Crowley and his evil army, the Astrum Argentinium.

Sounds like fun? You BET it does!

Check it out:

Airship Daedalus Radio Adventures HQ

Airship Daedalus on Facebook

Airship Daedalus on Amazon

Oh, Nothing Much, Really.

What have I been up to recently? Celebration.

Celebrating  a successful run in Seattle Shakespeare’s “Antony and Cleopatra,” about to go into it’s final week of performances at the Intiman Playhouse at Seattle Center. This play is EPIC. Grand in scope and scale. Imposing. It’s not only one of Shakespeare’s great ‘late play’ triumphs, with indelible characters and themes that resonate as loudly today as they did when first produced 400 years ago, but for the same reasons, it’s far from dry or tedious. Sex, Politics, Battles on Land, Sea, and in the Bedroom, Ego, Hubris, Humiliation, Comedy and Drama are just some of the elements which combine to create a story that spans 10 of the most tumultuous years in the history of the Ancient World. Go see it. Here’s a link to Seattle Shakespeare’s website for tickets and more information.

Celebrating the release of HALO 4. Yes, that HALO 4. THE HALO 4. “Why?” you ask? Because I now get to see my work fully rendered, voiced, realized. It’s such a privilege to have worked with the tremendous artists at 343 Industries to continue to tell the story of Master Chief and Cortana, and to help write another chapter in another grand storytelling universe. Here’s a link to CNN Tech’s Review of HALO 4. Enjoy.

Celebrating completed projects. Recently: Filmed “A Bit of Bad Luck” on location in Morton, WA. Completed a voice-over session at Microsoft Studios for an industrial project. Also voiced a radio spot for Banner Bank. Voiced the role of Captain Jack “Stratosphere” McGraw in Moon Bullet Studios’ “Airship Daedalus” Serial Audio Adventure.

Celebrating upcoming work! I’ve shot a pilot for Mighty Tripod’s “The New Jack” web-series, and am preparing to film a new role in Dead Gentlemen Productions/ Zombie Orpheus Entertainment’s “Gamers: Hands of Fate”. In January, I’ll begin rehearsal for the title role in Taproot Theatre’s “Jeeves in Bloom”, based on the P.G. Wodehouse stories of Bertie Wooster and his “Gentleman’s Gentleman” Jeeves.

Stay tuned, y’all. The best is yet to come.